Archive of events from 2018

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Peace News present:
‘Nonviolent Anarchism/Nonviolent Revolution’ with Milan Rai



Nonviolent action and nonviolent strategies have been key parts of many revolutionary movements, including the anarchist parts of the 1917 Russian Revolution, and the armed anarchist revolution in Spain in 1936. This talk traces some of the connections between anarchism and the peace movement, including the way that anarchist ways of doing things have become part of the common values of many grassroots movements.


Peace News editor Milan Rai, author of Chomsky’s Politics, is one of those brought to nonviolent anarchism by the British anarcho-pacifist punk band Crass in the late 1970s.

Peace News production worker Emily Johns grew up in an anarchist household with a Special Branch officer coming round for games of chess. Her Peace News poster exhibition about anti-First World War resistance, The World Is My Country, is on display at Hastings Arts Forum, 30 October – 11 November.

Venue: Housmans Bookshop. Accessible space.   

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7pm @ Mayday Rooms

Film Screening: L’Amour et la Revolutionl'armour

Film Screening with Rebel City Collective: L’Amour et la Revolution
Friday 19th October, 7-9pm @ Mayday Rooms

As part of the #nottheanarchistbookfair we will be screening Yannis Youlountas’ L’ Amour et la Revolution.

The media no longer talk about Greece, suggesting that the austerity cure has been successful and that peace has returned. This film proves the opposite.

A musical journey, from the north to the south of Greece, among those who dream of love and revolution. Watch the trailer here:

There will be food and a chance for discussion after the film

Venue: Mayday Rooms, 88 Fleet Street, EC4Y 1DH. Venue is not wheelchair acessible.

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11am @ LARC

Faircoin and FairCoop: The ecological cooperative cryptocurrency

fair coopFairCoin is a social cryptocurrency created in 2014 which grew out of the radical cooperative movement in Catalonia. In this session we discuss FairCoop, the international cooperative movement that supports FairCoin.

FairCoop is based around an ecosystem and movement that works to break from hierarchy, patriarchy and capitalist social relations, and seeks to replace them with horizontality and consensus decision making. In this collective presentation and discussion, we introduce FairCoin and FairCoop and the principles behind this alternative currency movement.

Venue: LARC 

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11am @ UVW SPACE

Imagining Anarchist Models of Madness and Unrecovery with Recovery in the Bin 


This User Led group is for MH Survivors and Supporters who are fed up with the way co-opted ‘recovery’ is being used to discipline and control those who are trying to find a place in the world, to live as they wish, trying to deal with the very real mental distress they encounter on a daily basis. We believe in human rights and social justice!


UVW Space, Ingestre Community Centre
Ingestre Road, Kentish Town, NW5 1UX. Free entry. 

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12 Noon @ UVW SPACE

Techno Fantasies and Eco Realities

A discussion around technology, ecology and future worlds. What are the possibilities and limits for technology in the context of climate change and other ecological crises? Can we have our technological cake and ecologically eat it? In this discussion we will explore ideas including fully automated luxury communism, techno-utopianism and degrowth.

Robot with wooden puzzle

All participants are invited to read these three things before hand so we can have a useful, informed discussion (don’t worry they’re relatively short):

By Corporate Watch ( and Uneven Earth (


UVW Space, Ingestre Community Centre
Ingestre Road, Kentish Town, NW5 1UX. The venue is fully accessible. Free entry.

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12 Noon – 6PM @THE FIELD

Open Day at The Field

An open day at The Field social centre in New Cross – a chance to meet some of the field co-op members, find out what is going on and also participate in one of our regular events who will be running open sessions, full details of which are on the Facebook event, link below.


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Anarchy or Chaos: M.P.T. Acharya, Anticolonialism and Indian Anarchism 


This talk explores the life and activities of the Indian anarchist M. P. T. Acharya (1887-1954).

Based on a forthcoming book on Acharya (AK Press, 2019), this talk opens a window onto the international anarchist movement in the interwar years, the history of anarchism in India, and how uncovering Acharya’s anarchist philosophy might help decolonise anarchism.


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1pm to 2.30pm @ Mayday Rooms

Prison Resistance in the Archive

As part of #nottheanarchistbookfair we will be running a session about histories and archives of prison resistance.prison resistance in the archive.png

While the prison strikes in the US have made global headlines in the last months, MayDay Rooms holds a range of historical materials, including newspapers from the New England Prisoners Association (NEPA), issues of Black Flag, personal ephemera from the Strangeways riots, and a special collection on deaths in police custody.

The workshop will offer an opportunity to collectively explore and discuss these archives, and to think about them in the context of contemporary activism and struggles inside and outside prison.

Venue: Mayday Rooms, 88 Fleet Street, EC4Y 1DH. Venue is not wheelchair acessible.

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1pm to 3pm @ LARC

Why We Fight The TERF War Workshop with Sister Not Cister UK

This event is free but requires a ticket, please message us to request the ticket website password. You can contact Sister Not Cister via FB or this email sisternotcister[at]protonmail[dot]com

Over the last year or so, we have seen an increase in Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs) rearing their hateful heads and spouting bigotry with great ferocity, often within our own communities.


Come to this workshop to learn more about why TERFs are so dangerous and discuss the ways in which standing up against trans hatred is directly connected to fighting racism, capitalism and the prison system.

We will talk about what we can – and must – do to stop them.

Zines will be available!
Free// donations to Empty Cages Collective

There will be NO filming or photography allowed at this workshop.
Please do contact us if you have any concerns about accessibility.

Venue: LARC 

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2pm @ May Day Rooms

The Dead End of Corbynism


The Anarchist Communist Group notes the recent trend of many on the Left (including some who call themselves anarchists, libertarian socialists and anti-authoritarian communists) seeing a Corbyn led Labour Party as a great step forward in the class struggle.

In this meeting, the ACG will be hosting a discussion on why the Labour Party can never offer hope for anti-capitalists in the UK and we will be looking at what we should do instead.

Venue: May Day Rooms

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Reading: New Clone City by Mike Hembury


An urban fiction thriller set in a cyberpunk world, New Clone City tells the story of a down-at-heel metropolis. A melting pot of tribes, technology, poverty, and chaos. New Clone City is a rollicking compulsive read, as queer and captivating as its inhabitants.

This is a slipstream world where a refugee crisis looms, the environment is in chaos, and an authoritarian political movement threatens the very fabric of the city. These dark forces battle a colourful cast of heroes, from anarchist rednecks to genderfluid sex workers. 


UVW Space, Ingestre Community Centre
Ingestre Road, Kentish Town, NW5 1UX. The venue is fully accessible.

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Mental Health, Capitalism and Revolution


Members of the Mental Health Resistance Network discuss how those with mental health difficulties are oppressed within capitalism, how patients and survivors are resisting that oppression, and how allies and activists can support that resistance.

UVW Space Main Hall, Ingestre Community Centre, Ingestre Road, Kentish Town, NW5 1UX. The venue is fully accessible. Free entry. 

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2pm @ Altab Ali

PIG: Public Order Policing Tactics Workshop

Learn about public order policing tactics in an interactive role playing street workshop hosted by PIG (Police Information Group) and featuring a live visit to the loathsome ‘Jack the Ripper’ museum.

Anyone nicked during the workshop will be helped in their case by ACAB (activist court aid brigade) and supported by London ABC if sent down.

Assemble at 2pm at the Altab Ali memorial.

Venue: Altab Ali Memorial, Altab Ali Park.

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Worldbuilding Utopia Through Feminist Sci-Fi

Genderless societies, anarchist planets, polyamorous aliens, feminist militias, cyborg families and more.


Inspired by the works of Marge Piercy, Margaret Atwood, Octavia E. Butler and others, we’ll collectively devise some post-capitalist futures, rethinking gender, power, the family and the state. All welcome. No prior knowledge of feminist sci-fi required.


UVW Space, Ingestre Community Centre
Ingestre Road, Kentish Town, NW5 1UX. The venue is fully accessible.

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4pm @ The Common House

Decrim Now Meeting

decrim nowCampaign for Sex Workers’ Rights is hosting a workshop on the fight for sex worker self-determination and bodily autonomy. Followed by drinks and social.

Venue: The Common House, Unit E, 5 Punderson Gardens, E2 9QG. Venue is accessible but not accessible toilet.

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4pm @ LARC

“Yes, but is it sex?!”In the Outer Reaches of Porn: Fetish and Obscenity

Itziar Bilbao Urrutia, aka Ms Tytania – Dominatrix, pornographer, scholar and activist, is creating an archive of niche fetish films and femdom.

In this History of Sexuality, Foucault noted that fetish is a form of sexual desire that goes beyond the genitals and often too beyond the physical body.

This is where my focus of interest in all things fetish comes from: the belief that porn on the farthest reaches of sexual desire can be radical act, a threat to ordinary life and the status quo. It’s no wonder that current legislation in UK and the US tries to repress and invisibilise forms of sexual expression that empower women, that question the function of the body as reproductive and the genitals are the locus of pleasure.


By showing samples from this Fetish Archive, Itziar wants to challenge our notions of pleasure and intimacy, of love and of what constitutes sexual pleasure. I am interested in all forms of sex that disrupt the narrative that sex is about the genitals, that sex leads to romance and the reinforcement of the nuclear family.

I advocate for eroticism that tear apart the ideas of coupling, nesting and intimacy that support the fabric of society. In this time of post-truth and post-politics, sexuality is again a danger to an obsolete and decaying sense of society where new forms of being and of community, can emerge. When minorities make porn, it often becomes a radical act of resistance.

This event will be a guided spoken presentation, illustrated with clips and excerpts from her fetish archive. Although many of these nice sexual activities are not genital nor include nudity, the content is still of an adult nature.

Talk and screenings plus Q&A.

Venue: LARC 

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5pm @ Freedom Bookshop

Dope on

dopeAs part of NotTheAnarchistBookfair 2018, DOPE Magazine presents three 15 minute mini-lectures on anarchism by three contributors from our first three issues. An exercise in radical listening, our three mini-lectures will be presented by:

End Deportations – on the violence of borders
Stacey Clare – on sex work and feminism
Lisa Mckenzie – on celebrity activism

It’s a free event so come along and listen up…

Venue: Freedom Bookshop 84b Angel Alley E1 7QX. Venue is wheelchair accessible but no accessible toilet.

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4pm @ Freedom Bookshop

Hostile Environment: Rough Guide to the Border Regime

For #nottheanarchistbookfair and to mark the publication of their latest book, Hostile Environment, Corporate Watch will be hosting a discussion on the border regime in its many guises. Read a brief introduction to the book below.

This book is a rough guide to the “border regime” in the UK. This is a name for the system that tries to control people’s ability to move and live depending on immigration status. It classifies and controls us depending on what “papers” we have – on where we happen to be born, on who our parents were, on how rich we are, on the colour of our skin. Its controls operate both at the borders and inside the country. They include passport checks, x-ray scanners, sniffer dogs, razor wire fences, “right to work” and “right to rent” checks, dawn raids, reporting centres, asylum slum housing, detention, deportations, and more.


The aim of this book is to help people understand and fight this system. Particularly, that means migrants, and above all people “without papers”, who are on the cutting edge of this struggle. But also, we believe that the border regime is an attack on all people. Working in the interests of the rich and powerful, it spreads fear and division amongst people, to stop us uniting to make a world where everyone can live a decent life. We believe it can only be defeated with solidarity, by people both with and without papers fighting side by side.

We hope this book can be a useful tool. In order to fight effectively, we need to understand our enemy. We need to spot its weak points, to see where and how we can best take action.

Venue: Freedom Bookshop 84b Angel Alley E1 7QX. Venue is wheelchair accessible but no accessible toilet.

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Reading Red Corner: Self Defence Workshop41695203_596663930735939_6984159887550840832_n

We’re a socialist boxing & Martial Arts club in Reading, focused on building solidarity and confidence together. Teachers are competing fighters, and we welcome everyone to get stuck in. We ensure our workshops and club are accessible, therefore no TERFs, racism, racial hatred/judgement, homophobia, misogyny, ableism or any other kind of bigotry is tolerated whatsoever.

Put some jogging bottoms on and come through. You’ll be glad you did.

Venue: UVW Space, Ingestre Community Centre, Ingestre Road, Kentish Town, NW5 1UX. The venue is fully accessible. Free entry. 

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6pm @ LARC

Migration to Europe

migration karcMigration routes, the Mediterranean, reception in Europe, solidarity, migration struggles

I am doing an introduction talk, follow by debate.
other contributors TBC

Chiara who is one of the founders of No Borders London, later active in Calais and a regular contributor to Freedom News on migration issues.

Venue: LARC 

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6pm @ Freedom Bookshop

Book Launch: A Beautiful Idea: History of the Freedom Press Anarchists

Freedom Press is the oldest anarchist publishing house in the English-speaking world. Founded in 1886, the press has weathered wars, police raids, fascist attacks and innumerable internal crises while publishing some of the world’s most important libertarian thinkers, from Peter Kropotkin and Emma Goldman to Colin Ward and Murray Bookchin. 2018 marks 50 years since the Press bought its current home in Angel Alley, and to celebrate the occasion is publishing A Beautiful Idea, attempting to draw out a narrative from its densely-packed history.

Due out: October 22nd (launching at Not The Anarchist Bookfair)

Venue: Freedom Bookshop, 84b Angel Alley E1 7QX. Venue is wheelchair accessible but no accessible toilet.

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7PM @ Housmans Bookshop

London Anarchist Federation present: ‘Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Anarchism…’
AFEDEntry £3 redeemable against purchase, tickets available here

Members of the London Anarchist Federation will discuss anarchism as a political philosophy, its history, key thinkers and modern currents as well as an anarchist FAQ. This talk is aimed at those interested in learning more about anarchism and will also include an overview of the many anarchist groups you can get involved with. The talk will be followed by a Q&A in case we miss anything in the FAQ and then a social in a nearby pub.

Venue: Housmans Bookshop. Accessible space.   

7pm @ LARC

The Future of Working Class Anarchism

With all the attacks that are taking place against our class, in housing, education, health and welfare, we anarchists should be breathing fire into our communities – but why would any working class person be attracted to the anarchist movement in the UK at the moment? Is the movement (particularly in London) dominated by middle class notions of anarchism? Are the ideas and activists of the movement so far removed from working class communities, that it has just become a terrible pastiche of what it once was – lifestyle politics in an echo-chamber?
Or does any of that really matter any more because we’ve all moved on from class-struggle anarchism?

The Future of Working Class Anarchism in the UK –
Panel discussion with Lisa Mckenzie, Martin Wright and Erica Legalisse.

Venue: LARC 

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7PM to 10pm @ Freedom Bookshop

Angel Alley Social + Gig

cropped-anarchist_mural_in_angel_alley2.jpgAfter all the excitement, fun and politics of #nottheanarchistbookfair, we will be hosting a social and a gig in our beloved Angel Alley.

Come along to for music, vegan food, books and zines.


Art and zines from feminst anarcho-punk rabble LAD$ collective.

Poetry from John Williams.

Music from Noah Fabri.

Music/ spoken word from Potent Whisper.

Venue: Freedom Bookshop, 84b Angel Alley E1 7QX. Venue is wheelchair accessible but no accessible toilet.

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The Future of Working Class Anarchism with Lisa Mckenzie

Venue: LARC 


11.30am – 1pm @ LARC

Land Justice Network

land justiceThe Land Justice Network (formerly Land for What?) is a network of groups, individuals and networks who recognise the need to change the way land is owned, used, distributed and controlled in the UK.

Land is an essential resource that our society, culture and economy depend upon. Land is the main uniting factor underpinning most of our struggles for social and environmental justice, whether for genuinely affordable housing or food growing, for preserving nature or community space.

Land can be an emotional subject and many can feel excluded from debates about how to reform an unjust system. We must ensure that this is an inclusive movement where all voices are valued.

The purpose of building Our Common Ground is to establish a shared set of aspirations for our diverse and inclusive modern land reform movement. The routes that we take towards our shared goals should be many and varied allowing us to explore the huge variety of ways we can achieve positive change.

Land Justice Network have exciting projects coming up in the new year. Join them as part of the #NotTheAnarchistBookfair to find out more.

Venue: LARC 

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1.30pm – 3pm

Pilgrims, Pirates and Process: Consensus Decision Making


A brief history of consensus decision making. Weaving the story of the role consensus decision making has played in some of the strongest anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian moments in History up to the modern day usage of the consensus process in Rojava. Organised by the Land Justice Network.

Venue: LARC

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3pm @ UCL

Camilla Power, ‘A feminist response to David Graeber’s problem with hunter-gatherer egalitarianism’

radical anthro

Join Radical Anthropology for a talk and discussion on feminism and hunter gatherer egalitarianism. Below are two articles to read beforehand.

1. The article by David Graeber which opened up this debate:

The story we have been telling ourselves about our origins is wrong, and perpetuates the idea of inevitable social inequality. David Graeber and David Wengrow ask why the myth of ‘agricultural revolution’ remains so persistent, and argue that there is a whole lot more we can learn from our ancestors.

2. Camilla’s response:

The original rule was that against rape, ‘No means NO’, a woman’s body is sacred if she says so. Here is my story about how that rule arose. “It’s not Me Too. It’s not just sexual …

Venue: Daryll Forde Seminar Room, University College London, 14 Taviton St., London WC1 H 0BW

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The Next Revolution Reading Group 

Inspired by the recent revolution in Rojava we could not but fantasise of the potential that the theory of direct democracy holds for the west. Capitalism has worked for the elites, but for the rest of us, the excessive commodification, needless competition and environmental destruction has alienated us from each other, from nature, from that that matters to us and gives us meaning in life. The populous are disenfranchised and feel powerless to change things. The call is always for solidarity but there is never a prescription for exactly how to achieve this, how to unify the various struggles of the precariat. The Left has not managed to come up with a sustainable – or perhaps – powerful enough strategy to convince the masses of their own collective powers to create change, and at the moment it is veering back towards the abyss of party politics. At a time when public space is shrinking and congregation in a public space costs at least the price of a Latte, there is not even room to discuss, think and exchange ideas – and perhaps (!) this is where we need to start.


Stumbling across the idea of Murray Bookchin’s democratic confederalism, based on the pillars of direct democracy, feminism and ecology, that is gaining traction around the world, we discovered a prescription that we feel has the potential to unify the left struggles and return agency to the populous. We are not a Bookchin fanclub, and other than being broadly anti-capitalist, we have no fundamental ideologies. We also have no naive expectation that this is the answer to creating Utopia, but we see it pragmatically as a concept that that provides a promising starting point to inspire ideas, enthuse debate and provide a basis for action.

SOAS, University of London. The venue is fully accessible. Free entry. 

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3pm @ LARC

class wargamesClass Wargames


Class Wargames’ campaign of ludic subversion has been waged across three continents and at many different venues. Now they join #NotTheAnarchistBookfair

Wargames are a continuation of politics by other means.
Guy Debord is celebrated as the chief strategist of the Situationist International and as the author of the searing critique of the media-saturated society of consumer capitalism: The Society of the Spectacle.What is much less well known is that after the May ’68 Revolution, Debord and his partner – Alice Becker-Ho – quit Paris and went to live in a remote French village. Over the next two decades, Debord devoted much of the rest of his life to inventing, refining and promoting what he came to regard as his most important project: The Game of War.For Debord, The Game of War wasn’t just a game – it was a guide to how people should live their lives within Fordist society. By playing, revolutionary activists could learn how to fight and win against the oppressors of spectacular society.The Game of War is a Clausewitz simulator: a Napoleonic-era military strategy game where armies must maintain their communications structure to survive – and where victory is achieved by smashing your opponent’s supply network rather than by taking their pieces.“… I have studied the logic of war. Moreover, I succeeded, a long time ago, in presenting the basics of its movements on a rather simple board game: the forces in contention and the contradictory necessities imposed on the operations of each of the two parties. I have played this game and, in the often difficult conduct of my life, I have utilised lessons from it – I have also set myself rules of the game for this life, and I have followed them. The surprises of this Kriegsspiel seem inexhaustible; and I fear that this may be the only one of my works that anyone will dare to acknowledge as having some value. On the question of whether I have made good use of such lessons, I will leave to others to decide.”Guy Debord, Panegyric.Venue: LARC 

3.30pm @ LARC

The Blonde Beast issue launch with Micalef


Come n have a drink with us at the Anarchist Festival and enjoy poems from one of our fave radicals (n former Sniffin’ Glue editor) Steve Micalef as we celebrate our 11th issue, The Blonde Beast…

The era of mysticism is upon us. On both sides of the Atlantic, the rise of the Blonde Beast has caused alarm bells to sound. La Bouche, dizzied by the carnage left in its trail, sets out to capture the spirit of the times, with our take on mysticism and protest. The inspiration began with a chance encounter in Venice with a Jesus cameo, who we interviewed in situ, before he strode off upon the Grand Canal. We also share the work of punk poet Micalef, who is busy bringing the spirit of William Blake to resist the Beast at anti-fascist London demos. BUT whilst every activist we know takes to the streets, our in house conspiracy theorist questions whether the blonde beast is pure mythology, a distraction created by the real villains, the elite. All this AND we FaceTime Artist Taxi Driver AND drop by at an abandoned spy station in Western Berlin for some iconic rituals. Moving on to political affairs, we take a look at the use of history in the ongoing battle for the holy land and we share some personal anecdotes for those engaged in their own personal act of protest, be that Mandy Geritt and her critique of Vatican scandal or our Ace friend Brigit who is in some way making a protest against the concept of gender itself. In the “Trump-Brexit” era where the commentariat seem to have no idea “WTF is going on?” La Bouche’s soothsayers look into their crystal balls and try to use their clairvoyance to delve into the mysterious factors at play in our world in our latest edition, Mysticism and Protest.

Venue: LARC (Upstairs room, no wheelchair access)

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5pm @ UCL

Chris Knight: Did Matriarchy Ever Exist?

Chris Knight, founder or Radical Anthropology Group and author or Blood Relations, discusses myths of matriarchy, which are found all over the world. HUNTING TROLLEYS FOR GRAEBER MEETINGIs there any truth in the idea that women once exercised political power over men? Many feminists have dismissed such stories as ideological narratives invented simply to justify men’s rule. These scholars argue that biology prevents women from exercising real political power, that sexism prevails everywhere and that patriarchy has always existed. There will be discussion of the ethnographic, archaeological and genetic evidence for and against these ideas.

Chris Knight: Did Matriarchy Ever Exist? 25 September 2018

Talk given to the Radical Anthropology Group at Daryll Forde Seminar Room, Anthropology Building, 14 Taviton Street, London WC1H 0BW

Venue: Daryll Forde Seminar Room, University College London, 14 Taviton St., London WC1 H 0BW

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7PM @ Housmans Bookshop


‘The Leaderless Revolution’ with Carne Ross in discussion with Wail Qasim
Entry £3 redeemable against purchase, tickets available here

Carne Ross is best known for once working as a British diplomat before leaving the civil service in disgust over the Iraq war, and testifying against the government at the Butler Review.

He has gone on to become an advocate for anarchist organising. Carne will discuss his personal insights of the British state and ideas of what role anarchism can play in reshaping society.