Lockdown Postponement Plans

Due to ongoing distancing needs we’re going to have to postpone AFest from its May 2020 date. The hope is that we might be able to have some events around the weekend of the London Anarchist Bookfair, due to be held on the 17th October 2020. That’s a situation that will need reviewing nearer the date, as its impossible at this point to know what may, or may not, be possible when that date comes around. Failing that we hope to be back for the first weekend in May 2021, though of course even that cannot be guaranteed at this point.

Above all else we hope you and yours are well, and one thing is for certain, and that’s that as the system creeks and strains through this crisis the room for anarchist ideas and action opens that much further. Afest will be here to help in that, just as soon as is safe to do so. In the meantime let’s keep scheming and looking out for one another.